YouTube Star Tré Melvin Dishes Commentary on Race and Bisexuality

Urban dictionary defines the word “read” (for those not engulfed in the world of reality TV, black Twitter, or social media for that matter) as an action meaning “to tell someone about themself.”

Anyone who has ever given a “read” knows its mastery lies in mixing the right dose of sarcasm with satire. Perhaps this is why Tré Melvin has amassed a following of more than 3.2 million subscribers and 300 million video views worldwide on YouTube.

His channel, “This Is A Commentary”, appropriately titled, has grown into a platform for showcasing Melvin’s arguably hilarious – yet unfiltered opinions on anything from dating and sex life to race relations. His “reads” often come out in his characters whose duality is flamboyant yet educational. When asked whether he would define himself as a comedian, Melvin will quickly tell you what he’s not.